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About Larisa Gabu

The host of Larisa Gabu Show and Founder of beautiful Inside Out World

Larisa Gabu Kamga, a mother of two boys, was born in Cameroon and grew up in the economic capital Douala. She is francophone and belongs to the Bamilekes tribe of Cameroon. Larisa is proficient in more than five languages, including French, English, Norwegian, a bit of Bayangam, Bafang, a bit of German and Spanish, and more languages from Cameroon. Larisa completed her primary and secondary studies in Cameroon and continued her university education in Norway, initially at the University of Stavanger where she pursued a bachelor’s degree as a kindergarten teacher and later at VID, where she studied religion. She also completed a worship leadership training course at Acta Bible School.

Larisa is an author, woman of faith, and prayer enthusiast. In December 2022, she published her first book titled “I Pray,” a guide on how to pray. In this book, Larisa shares her testimony and stories that will impact and transform your prayer life forever.

As an entrepreneur, director, and founder of her own company, Kamga Multi-Consultant, Larisa wears multiple hats. She serves as a motivational speaker, pageant coach, and interpreter, with significant experience interpreting for various companies in Norway, including assignments for the Health Service, Child Welfare, Refugee Offices, Police, and Government Offices.

Additionally, Larisa is the proud owner of a clothing line and brand called Larisajoybeauty, available at https://larisajoybeauty.com.

Larisa holds prestigious titles, including Mrs. Cameroon World 2021 for @Mrsworld pageantry and Ms. Norway 2022 for the Queen of The World pageantry.

She is the founder of the NGO Beautiful Inside Out World, an international voluntary, socio-cultural, and humanitarian organization. Open to everyone, the organization aims to help individuals develop their self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-image, fostering a positive impact on society. Beautiful Inside Out World works towards improving living conditions for children, young people, and adults through beauty conferences, fashion shows, socio-cultural activities, conferences, and the Larisa Gabu Show on social networks. The organization acts as a network for those who feel alone, seeking to encourage and inspire individuals through interviews and shared ideas.

Larisa is also the founder and host of her own television show, Larisa Gabu Show, where she interviews entrepreneurs and individuals with important stories to share.

In addition to her various roles, Larisa is a singer-songwriter who discovered her talent in 2005 and wrote her first gospel song, “Abide in Me.” She organized a concert in 2017, showcasing her dedication to music.

Engaging in humanitarian work, Larisa supports orphanages in Cameroon and empowers unemployed women to become self-employed through training in sewing, makeup, beauty, and hair styling.

Larisa Gabu’s contributions have been recognized by four different Norwegian television channels, where she has been invited between 2018 and 2023.

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