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Welcome to Larisa Gabu Show, an inspiring interview platform born from the heart of Beautiful Inside Out World.

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An Interview Platform for Beautiful Inside Out World

The show operates as a television channel initiated by Larisa herself in 2020. During the pandemic, she began this channel, conducting interviews with individuals from diverse backgrounds, such as entrepreneurs, coaches, singers, actors, Christian leaders, and individuals with unique and inspiring stories.


Our featured guest Larisa Gabu Show features esteemed experts in their fields, ready to share thought-provoking insights with our audience

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Larisa Gabu

Larisa Gabu Kamga is the Leader and Founder of Beautiful Inside Out World.

A mother of 2 boys, was born in Cameroon and grew up in the economic capital Douala. She is francophone and from the Bamilekes tribe of Cameroon. Larisa speaks more than 5 languages (French, English, Norwegian, a bit of Bayangam, Bafang, a bit of German and Spanish and more languages from Cameroon. Larisa did her primary and secondary studies in Cameroon and continued her university studies in Norway. First at the University of Stavanger where she began a bachelor’s degree as for kindergarten teacher and later at Vid where she studied religion. 

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